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Trabucco Braid Dyna-Tex Neo X8 Nage-Pro Surf Braid 250m/0.08mm 0.7 TRANSPARENTE Mm

Catégorie : Surf Casting
Section : Fils
  • 98.000 DT

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s a high-tech braided line, dedicated to surfcasting pro anglers. In Japanese, the term Nage identifies the light
approach to surfcasting, which involves particularly long casts thanks to the use of fine braids. This is exactly the
scenario of Mediterranean surf competitions, where big size fish catches are rare, and where the achievement of
considerable distances can ensure bites in the most difficult stages of the match. If we imagine the line laid on the
sea bottom for a relatively long wait, with waves carrying sand and debris up and down, we can understand how
important the resistance to abrasion is and how much the PDMS technology is actually able to make the difference,
especially in case of thin diameters. In addition to all this, the Neo X8 Nage offers variable color at intervals of
25 meters, valuable to replicate the casts in areas that have shown to be productive; during the night hours the advantage
is even more important, because all the other references are missing. For the creation of the indispensable shock leader,
the use of the fantastic Trabucco Taper Leader is highly
  • Breaking Strength: 12 Lbs/5.44 Kgs
  • Diameter: 0.128mm (PE #0.6)
  • Length: 275 Yds/250 m
  • Breaking Strength: 15 Lbs/6.80 Kgs
  • Diameter: 0.148mm (PE #0.8)
  • Length: 275 Yds/250 m
  • Breaking Strength: 18 Lbs/8.16 Kgs
  • Diameter: 0.165mm 

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